Welcome to Nourished by Nature

Please place your orders by 12noon for pick up the following Thursday. We look forward to seeing you. Thanks for supporting local foods.

Your purchasing decisions can profoundly affect the way farmers raise food.

We seek high quality foods that are not damaged by processing. We want animals that are raised humanely and fed in the way that nature intended.

On a weekly basis, we bring fresh dairy, eggs, meats, honey and many other products to a Chicago location (north west side).
Local and organic are a given. We provide these foods fresh from local sources (within 90 miles) for a once per week pick up (Thursday evenings)

We welcome new members to belong to the cooperative and are happy to answer any questions. During much of the year we do have a waiting list. Please be patient with our initial response time. We continue to search for the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices for our members as well as for our own use.

We are a private membership only cooperative, please e-mail us for further information on joining our Coop!