Welcome to Nourished by Nature

Please place your orders by 12noon for pick up the following Thursday. We look forward to seeing you. Thanks for supporting local foods.

Nutrient Dense Foods for Your Life.

Nourished by Nature is a private food club and cooperative. We seek to provide high quality foods that are not damaged by processing in order to retain their life-giving qualities. We want animals that are raised humanely and fed in the way that nature intended. We believe all life-giving food begins with soil health.

On a weekly basis, our members have access to nutrient-dense specialty foods like fresh raw yogurt, kefir, butter, and our special yogurt cream. Traditional whole grain sourdough bread, fermented drinks, krauts, and hand-made beef and chicken bone broths are in the mix. Get hand collected eggs, raw cow milk and cream or goat milk. Local honey and bee pollen is often available. We promote the use of natural saturated fats like virgin coconut oil, beef tallow, pork lard, grass fed ghee or medium chain fats like certified 100% olive oil. In terms of meat, pasture raised chicken, beef and pork are often available.
Local and organic are a given. Pick up Thursday evenings in the Roscoe Village neighborhood.

People and families make it happen. To sustain this quality and variety we look for members who wish to spend a minimum of $200 per month. With over 12 years of experience in serving Chicagoans, this minimum is how we keep a weekly fresh offering, reasonably priced, for hand made food. If you are, for example, simply wanting a gallon of milk and some eggs weekly, there are farms in IL that will provide--we are probably not your best choice. Included in your membership is access to an experienced health and wellness chef, who can help you customize food choices to meet your families needs or goals.

Your grandmother would recognize this as food. When we think of nourishing our bodies, instead of merely getting calories, satisfying cravings, or following the latest food fad, we open up new energy and vitality in our lives and discover metabolic balance. We welcome new members to belong to the cooperative and are happy to answer any questions. During much of the year we do have a waiting list. Please be patient with our initial response time.

We are a private membership only cooperative, please e-mail us for further information on joining our Coop!