Welcome to the NBN website

For new members, please select the button on the top menu "place order". It will take you to a self explanatory listing. When you submit your order you will see a list of everything to review and then you confirm the order. On some slower connections or mobile devices, hitting the confirm/submit button twice will create a double order. If you get 2 confirmation emails, it means you placed 2 orders. Please bring your driver's license to the first pick up.

If you order past noon on Sundays, your order will automatically be scheduled for the following Thursday pick up. When placing your order, you will see the dates available as a pull down menu in the lower left of the ordering screen. If the upcoming Thursday is not available, the order has been placed too late. I will do everything I can to help if you have questions. Be sure to check the pick-up date is correct before confirming order.

Please help the coop keep prices as low as possible by RETURNING GLASSWARE. Please return only our glassware. We cannot use other glass containers other than the ones you get from us. Egg carton returns are also very much appreciated. You will find a return basket or bag at every Thursday pick up.

For existing members Please check categories you may not often shop, as new items are added or altered a bit based on member feedback. You will find item availability and prices do change. This is a part of how a private co-op functions. Please feel free to email me if you have any suggestions.

We are open to new members.

If you like the food you get from us, please refer us to a friend and get a free gallon of milk. We are looking for more members like you. Please have any friend reference you by name.


Please do not park in the lots just to the west of our building! Last week a member parked in the "7-11/Sherwin Williams" lot for a matter of 5-10 minutes and was towed. For 8 years we've been hosting the co-op and never has anyone been towed from that lot. Last week (Thursday), 4 cars were towed within minutes of each other. So they were waiting for the opportunity.