Welcome to the NBN website

For new members, please select the button on the top menu "place order". It will take you to a self explanatory listing. When you submit your order you will see a list of everything to review and then you confirm the order. On some slower connections or mobile devices, hitting the confirm/submit button twice will create a double order. If you get 2 confirmation emails, it means you placed 2 orders. Please bring your driver's license to the first pick up.

If you order past noon on Sundays, your order will automatically be scheduled for the following Thursday pick up. When placing your order, you will see the dates available as a pull down menu in the lower left of the ordering screen. If the upcoming Thursday is not available, the order has been placed too late. I will do everything I can to help if you have questions. Be sure to check the pick-up date is correct before confirming order.

Please help the coop keep prices as low as possible by RETURNING GLASSWARE. Please return only our glassware. We cannot use other glass containers other than the ones you get from us. Egg carton returns are also very much appreciated. You will find a return basket or bag at every Thursday pick up.

For existing members Please check categories you may not often shop, as new items are added or altered a bit based on member feedback. You will find item availability and prices do change. This is a part of how a private co-op functions. Please feel free to email me if you have any suggestions.

Order your Thanksgiving Day Turkey—Now.

We are so lucky that our chicken farmer has been raising turkeys for us all summer. These birds are 100% pastured and organic fed and anyone who has ordered them in the past can attest—There's no comparison when you try a fresh bird. You will get the giblets package and the bones make an incredible stock after Thanksgiving.

We are taking orders now through Sunday Nov 8. Even if you already ordered for this week, Order now (as it's a separate order) and take the stress out of your planning. Only $5/lb. We keep the price low because of your continued commitment. A quick check on the internet shows turkeys of this quality are going for $6.50-$8.50/lb.

Thanksgiving is Nov 26 and Turkey pick up is Thurs Nov 19 . We are closed Thanksgiving day.

TO ORDER: Go to to create a separate turkey order. Scroll down to the "Turkey Pastured Fresh" area on the website. Select from one (or more) of the 4 size range options. Change the pick-up date to Nov. 19. Don't forget to click .

We will add a $50 deposit to your next invoice and you will pay the difference in cost/weight at the Nov 19 turkey pick up. If you will not be ordering other items in the next 2 weeks, let us know and we'll send you a $50 Paypal deposit.

PORTIONING AND SHELF LIFE: A good rule of thumb is a pound of turkey per person for an ample serving or two pounds per person if you want a lot of leftovers.

Our turkeys are freshly butchered and will stay good refrigerated for 7-10 days after pickup. Because the turkey can be big for many refrigerators, our own routine, is to store the turkey wrapped in a clean cooler covered in ice. We leave our cooler in the garage and at this time of year, have only had to change the ice once.

Some cooking recipes ideas will be forthcoming in emails. Consider brining your bird—many turkey brine ideas are on the web.

Gourmet Vinegars

In addition to our hand made apple cider vinegar, we now have a crisp red wine vinegar as well as a deep and rich balsamic. The balsamic and red wine vinegars come from our olive oil producers in Greece. While the apple cider vinegar is produced by an Amish family in Indiana.

Stock up on healthy fats and oils.

100% organic cold pressed Olive Oil - Coconut Oil. Olive Oil from Olea - 1/2 liter bottles just arrived. This award winning, organic oil is produced by the Chronis family since 1856 in their olive orchards in the valley of Sparta, Greece from a single variety of olives. It is an extra virgin olive oil from a first cold press, without any blends from other oils or previous harvests. It is best used raw. The farmer recommends this oil not be heated. They pour it liberally on veggies and meats after cooking. Coconut Oil is extra virgin cold pressed and 100% organic. For cooking we have quarts of virgin organic coconut oil, beef tallow and fresh rendered pork lard.

Fresh Chicken

Our birds are now fresh (like butchered 2 days before you receive) and you can order the cuts you like. Where else can you find that ??? So place your orders by 12noon Sunday. You can dress this chicken up all you like, but we also find you can just roast them with a salt and pepper and be amazed how tender and juicy the meat is. Save the carcass and make a little soup. You'll notice the pan juices gel up beautifully.

Now welcoming new members.

We are now welcoming new members. First preference will be given to people referred by existing members. Refer a friend and get one free gallon of milk. Friends or family who would like more information can email me directly and I'll send how it works.

Membership Renewal Time

We are still in process on Membership Renewal for the Nourished by Nature food buyers group. You will receive a paypal renewal yet in 2020. Membership fees allow Sheila and I to keep "the lights on", take the time away from work to accept the weekly deliveries, double check ordered product vs delivered product, keep the website up and running, gas & transport from the farms. You get the idea. Together we can make a difference.


Please do not park in the lots just to the west of our building! Last week a member parked in the "7-11/Sherwin Williams" lot for a matter of 5-10 minutes and was towed. For 8 years we've been hosting the co-op and never has anyone been towed from that lot. Last week (Thursday), 4 cars were towed within minutes of each other. So they were waiting for the opportunity.